Be Discovered


Held Mondays 2:30p -4:00p (excluding Holidays) at
333 Bryant St. Suite 307
San Francisco, CA 94107

If you are interested in modeling, we would like to see pictures of you. To be a model with the agency, the minimum height for adults women is 5'8 and for men 6'0 (measurements will be taken at the agency for submissions that are asked to come in). We request you send one face shot taken from the front and one full body shot from the front and or side.

Please keep any makeup to the minimum as the more natural the photo the easier it is for us to make a decision.

Once you have sent the photos we always review them, though please bear in mind that due to the number of submissions it is not always possible to personally respond to each one.  If we think you have what we are looking for we will contact you, so please be sure that your phone number and email address are correct.

We very much appreciate your submission and taking the time to contact us.